Studio Legale Crocenzi e Associati

The Studio Legale Crocenzi e Associati is a boutique law firm founded in 1997 with offices in Rome and Milan.

The legal services offered by Studio Legale Crocenzi e Associati (hereinafter, the “Firm”) include the assistance in the drafting and the negotiation of agreements, the drafting of legal opinions, the relationships with the Italian supervisory authorities (such as the Bank of Italy, the National Commission for the Companies and the Stock Exchange – CONSOB, the Antitrust Authority, the Pension Funds Authority) in connection with the clients’ activity in Italy, as well as the legal assistance before courts of law or arbitrators.

The Firm has consolidated relationships with foreign law firms, in order to properly assist Italian firms which intend to carry out their activity abroad or which are subject to agreements governed by non–Italian laws. On the other hand, an important part of the Firm’s activity consists of the legal assistance related to business of foreign companies in Italy.

The main characteristics of the Firm’s activity are the accuracy in the work and the punctuality. The services are rendered in the time which is strictly necessary for the study and the elaboration of the answers. The answers are rendered with research methods which allow the maximum degree of completeness and reliability.

Finally, the Firm makes part to the Monterey Funds a network of firms specialized in investment schemes

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The areas of practice of the Firm are the following: financial law, corporate and commerci [...continue]

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    Studio Legale Crocenzi e Associati
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    Studio Legale Crocenzi e Associati
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